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Production Photos

Into the Woods at Stolen Shakespeare Guild (2018)

Little Red Riding Hood


The Secret Garden at Brick Road Theater (2017)

Claire Holmes (left with parasol)

On the Town with Stolen Shakespeare Guild (2017)

Lucy Schmeeler/Ensemble


*Jekyll and Hyde at ONSTAGE in Bedford, 2016*

Far right Red Rat Girl


*Jekyll and Hyde at ONSTAGE in Bedford, 2016*

Far Left Blonde


*Singin’ in the Rain at Stolen Shakespeare Guild, 2016*

Second from the right Dream of You Girl


*Crazy For You at Covenant Christian Academy, 2016*

Center, pictured as the Choreographer with my line of Follies Girls


*Christmas Caroling with The Goode Time Carolers, 2015*

Right, pictured in Blue and Silver outfit (Fun fact: this was the first job Jad Saxton and I did together! It was only later that she cast me in Interviews with Monster Girls at Funimation, the first show I was in that she was directing!)


*Senior Showcase, 2014*

Standing Center in maroon sweater


*Senior Showcase at Anderson University, 2014*

Center Dancer


*Senior Showcase, 2014*


*Jenny Lind in Barnum at Anderson University, 2013*


*Dance Concert at Anderson University, 2012*

Right dancer in peach top

*More production photos coming soon!*

Get to know me offstage!


*I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre from The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University. I even have the diploma to prove it*

*I have the coolest job in the world! I get to be the English voice of various Anime characters with Funimation! Check out my Anime Credits tab to see a list of the characters I’ve played!*


*I recently performed with a company that produces interactive musical children’s theater! This cast photo is from Rip Van Wrinkles at Billy’s Globe House. I am center in the pink dress*


*I’m a Disney addict! I visit Disney World as often as possible, and audition whenever I can! One of my career goals is to work in entertainment there!*


*If I’m not onstage or in the studio in DFW, you can find me at a national audition, like SETC or UPTA. I go as often as I can!*

*Visiting a Buddhist Temple in Busan, South Korea*


*I love traveling and have been out of the country a few times, both as a real human and a paper person, and I have a current passport. I would love to study or work abroad at some point in my career. I am the right paper person in the above picture (sadly, real me has not visited London yet, but paper me had a blast!)*

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